cellular growth super renewing serum

skin tightening + lifting + smoothing epidermal + cellular growth super renewing serum

All Skin Types: Tightens + Smoothes Skin + Instantly Lifts Skin

Paraben Free + Paba Free

This super renewing serum tightens + smoothes skin; instantly lifts sagging skin w/ acacia + snail mucin, it is not a fake tightening paste
-retinol + hyaluronic support collagen production
-increases fibroblasts + stimulates cellular growth
-rearranges skin’s extracellular matrix for smoother appearance
-increases skin elasticity, density + volume
-reduces free radical damage

Directions: May be used am on top of serums, cremes and spf for an instant lifting effect or pm after cleansing and toning to renew skin overnight. For am lifting, apply a dime to nickel size and apply under eyes, jaw line, cheeks, chin, side mouth wrinkle folds in an outward motion for instant lifting and repair.


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