After 20 years manufacturing 2 successful "cutting edge" skin repair lines that restore, protect and maintain healthy, youthful and beautiful skin, we announce H Skin Repair.

H Skin Repair is the first to marry the benefits of pre + pro biotic ingredients with the latest cosmeceutical high grade nanotechnology of Vitamins A, C, E, Antioxidants, Peptides, Retinol, Hyaluronic and SPF 30 Zinc to undo damaged and aging skin. Formulated for all skin types, the H Skin Repair 5 step system delivers targeted results to transform damaged skin and optimize skin renewal at any age.

H Skin Repair is the 1st to offer a FREE 2 month weekly supply of 10% all natural plant based Pre-Biotic Lactic Alpha Hydroxy Face Peel to strip off skin damage accumulating from free radical stress and the aging process.

Eighty percent of skin damage and aging is Extrinsic, caused by external factors. Only 6 topical ingredients, Retinol, AHA, Antioxidants, SPF, Essential Lipids and Peptides are needed to optimally repair, restore and protect skin from free radical damage, skin disorders and premature aging. Sadly, the downside of achieving "buffed and repaired skin" is that if you don't apply cosmeceutical skin products on a daily basis and if you don't exfoliate dead skin cells with Alpha Hydroxy face peels, the skin reverts back to its old and damaged condition. It's like going to the dentist and getting your teeth cleaned and plaque removed. Your teeth feel and look terrific, but after a couple months, stained teeth and plaque resurface.

This is why H Skin Repair offers you a FREE and effective 2 month weekly supply of 10% Lactic Face Peel and why H Skin Repair is committed to growing organically by the "Anatomy of Buzz". We have a passion for repairing skin at an affordable price, but at the same time, we are committed to delivering high quality and high strength 5% Retinol, 10% Lactic, Vitamin C, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic, Ceramide 3, and SPF 30 7% Zinc integrated with the latest Peptide technology and formulated with Hyaluronic. We save tons of advertising dollars by growing through word of mouth to keep our products affordable for daily and generous usage 365 days a year.

The one thing H Skin Repair does is be excellent at repairing damaged and aging skin by utilizing the latest nanotechnology and high quality and high percentage skin repair ingredients at an affordable price to consumers. To correct and protect, professional skin retailers and consumers alike, fix their face and go bare with H Skin Repair! True business fulfillment for us comes from aligning our actions to have courage to create authentic products that transform the greater well being of others. This is the authentic heart of all that H Skin Repair aims for.

Here are just a few of many H Skin Repair consumer testimonies we receive daily...

“I love the H Skin Repair products that I am using. I had been using Tretinoin Crème .1% from the Obagi line. I ran out just before starting your H Retinol Serum and have been using it for about 8 weeks now, my hairdresser, who got hooked on Obagi a few years ago, commented that my skin looked awesome. She was amazed at how the puffiness under my eyes is starting to diminish with your Dark Circle Puffy Eye Peptide Serum. Thank-you for creating an eye serum that actually works”.
- April, Ohio

“All you allergy sufferers…try the H eye treatment serum. I wake up with swollen eyes, dab a smidge of H anti-puff serum on them and by the time I leave for work, my eyes pass for normal”.
- Monica, New Hampshire

“I was so excited this week to hear from so many who have tried the new H 7% Zinc SPF 30 Hydrate + Restore Cream-- Island tested in Jamaica by one of my toughest clients… and not a freckle, or hint of pink.  He was thrilled.”
- Steve, Florida

“There are so many skin care products on the market everywhere. I have tried so many! However, I must tell you that the H Skin Repair products are the very best I have ever used. I have been using them for the past 4 months or so. The results I have seen are remarkable! Below are the things that have happened to my skin in this short time.

“The crepiness in my neck area from using the H Eye + Face + Neck Cream is almost completely gone. I used to wear a scarf around my neck, but no longer. I am amazed.” “I had a plain facial last week and the cosmetologist told me that I had hardly any "sun damage" on my face. I spent my summers at the beach wearing only baby oil, so you can imaging the unseen skin damage that I had. Thanks to H, that has almost all disappeared.”

“I had a visible scar on my cheek due to the removal of some pre-cancerous cells about 5 years ago. Even though a plastic surgeon did the removal, there was still a scar. That scar has all but disappeared....again, due to your H 5% Retinol product and weekly 10% Lactic Home Peel.”

“Thank you for introducing me to the program....again, it's the best there is and it works more than I ever expected. Please share this information with the company and with your other clients....current and future.”
Michelle, California

We have taken the most sought after cosmeceutical skin repair ingredients and developed a functional 5 step program that can be applied to any skin type and that multitasks the efficacy, soothing, and pleasing aesthetics that have brought us many years of successful testimonial repair from myriads of wonderful products we developed in the past. Try H Skin Repair today!!

Naturally Functional

pre + pro + biotic
retinol + antioxidant + peptides
heals blemishes + red skin
sun damage + aging skin

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