nightly triple stem cell stimulator

nightly triple stem cell stimulator 2 oz.

All Skin Types: Smoothes Wrinkles + Fine Lines + Lightens + Soothes Dry/Damaged Skin

Paraben Free + Paba Free

A nourishing, breathable + clear triple plant stem cell film derived from acai palm, chinese basal + white oak functions as a transdermal penetration medium allowing complete absorption into skin; stimulating epidermal + dermal stem cell proliferation , increasing basal skin stem cell longevity + reducing the death of fibroblast cells to continue healthy division. lightens, smooths, reduces irritation + fights wrinkles.

Directions: PM usage only. Apply to clean dry face after non oily serums such as peptides, vitamin c, retinol serum, sun spot remover. Do not apply a moisturizer or oily products over the top or underneath the stem cell serum as it will diminish the effect of quality stem cell reparative penetration.


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