dna lift + tighten + firm trepenone + hyaluronic night creme

dna lift + tighten + firm trepenone + hyaluronic night creme

All Skin Types: Improves Skin Function + Repair + Lifts + Tightens + Firms

Paraben Free + Paba Free

This universal creme for all skin types is formulated with global trademark ingredient trepenone to repair the telomeres at the end of skin chromosomes that diminish with aging improving skin function, skin repair + cellular longevity. It lifts, tightens + firms skin appearance-hyaluronic moisturizes + soothes skin. This DNA creme reduces fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, poor texture, tone + sun/environmental damage.

Directions: Apply to clean face preferably at night on top of serums but works just as effectively in the day time over serums.


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