WEEKLY: EXFOLIATE 10% lactic face peel pre + biotic skin tightening + hydrating + clarifying polishing peel

All Skin Types: Heals Blemishes + Red Skin + Brown Spots + Restores Damaged + Dry Skin

Paraben Free + Paba Free + Fragrance Free

Our all natural 10% Alpha Hydroxy Lactic Face Peel is an antioxidant that prevents premature aging by scooping up highly dangerous free radicals. 10% Lactic Acid helps to exfoliate dead cells, heal inflammation and give skin a younger appearance. When Lactic Acid is used with other H Skin Repair products, it works synergistically to enhance antioxidant activity. Relieving dry skin, dermatitis, razor bumps, blemishes and redness caused by UV sun exposure are some of the amazing benefits of Lactic Acid, let alone its ability to stimulate collagen production. Many wrinkles can be prevented and treated with our weekly “FREE” 10% Lactic Face Peel with the purchase of H Skin products.

Benefits of 10% Lactic Face Peel:
Lactic is a water soluable AHA that gently increases exfoliation. Melanin is lifted and removed. Lactic also suppresses the formation of tyrosinase, thus preventing the formulation of melanin that is responsible for creating brown and age spots. Clinical studies on 5% and 10% also prove Lactic softens the skin and refine wrinkles.

Lactic loosens and removes aging cells, oil and debris attached to the skin surface. It stimulates new skin cell production and increases collagen formation. It decreases fine lines and reduces pore size if used on a consistent basis. It helps to smooth skin and even out pigmentation.

Directions: Use once a week on entire face and neck. Leave on 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water followed with moisturizer.

“FREE” 2 month weekly supply with H Skin Product Purchases

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